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[17 Jul 2004|11:08am]

ºAge: 17
ºWhere you at: fucking long fucking island

º5 Favorite Bands: head automatica, every time i douche, give up the ghost, at the drive in, grade, kid fucking gorgeous>> kanye west!!!!!
º4 Favorite Movies: scarface, the godfather, 10 things, pirates of the fucking caribbean
º3 Favorite Foods: spanish food, italian food, chinese & japanese food
º2 Favorite Songs: when doves cry - prince & sunglasses at night - corey hart
ºAll Time Favorite Show You've Been To: hellfest

ºWhat is your opinion on...

ºStraight Edge: no comment for fear of my woman
ºBeing Veg: eat some fucking meat you pussy
ºAshlee Simpson: ehhh
ºTeenage Pregnancy: ....come on now, you act like teenagers REALLY are having sex

ºGive us one fun fact about yourself: I AM NOT WANNA BE SCENE I AM EX SCENE AND DEREK MADE ME JOIN
ºWhere'd you find out about this community?: I REPEAT DEREK MADE ME JOIN

ºPost at least 2 pictures of yourself here...

2 XXX are more scene than your momXXX

my first entry! [17 Jul 2004|10:58am]
Hey everyone! This is our new community. Our meaning Crystal Derek and Carolyn. We want as many people to joi nas possible so fill out an application from the info and tell as many people as possible about us. xoxo.<33Derek
are more scene than your momXXX

first entry! [17 Jul 2004|10:43am]

[ mood | calm ]

so this is the new community guys. we need people to join! so advertise this community everywhere guys!

are more scene than your momXXX

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